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We offset all of our carbon emissions via MyClimate, a Swiss climate charity working with developing countries to install carbon-saving solutions. Specifically, we offset all our journeys (cars, taxis, trains, flights), all our office emissions, as well as those of our homes (heating and electricity) and overnight stays (hotels). We even offset some things we don’t need to, e.g. electricity generated by renewable resources and travel done by cars with no carbon emissions (electric ones).

The carbon offsetting scheme offered by MyClimate is sustainable and ethical. For example, our money goes towards replacing coal burning stoves in Sub-Saharan Africa for solar-powered stoves. They have a lot of sunshine down there, so they may as well use it!

We also invest in micro-hydroelectric dams along the Amazon river basin, which replace diesel generators in remote areas where the electric grid doesn’t reach. Such dams have the capability to provide continuous, free and environmentally friendly energy to small communities along the rivers contributing to the Amazon. We have been certified Climate Neutral since 2011 and we’re proud of it.