We offer courageous research
for courageous researchers.


We are a bunch of hard-working, high-end qualitative researchers who provide our beloved clients with a more courageous approach to market research and consultancy, to help open-hearted individuals solve unconventional business challenges with a breath of fresh air. 


We deliver you all the comforts and capabilities you are used to from a large global healthcare research agency without the dinosaur-like characteristics. We like to think of ourselves as an efficient, lean machine.

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To help you understand even further what we mean by Courageous research, here is our Case Study Three: Forget-me-not.

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Watch the video for Case Study Three: Forget-me-not


Our client's innovation team had partnered with a range of smart device manufacturers, to test various prototype devices developed to assist diabetes patients with their treatment adherence. The objectives were, first, to understand whether the prototype devices functioned as intended, and second, whether they had the capability of improving patient adherence in real life.

The client wanted to explore the value of these devices in two markets (UK and US), but without having to run a full clinical trial. Why avoid a trial? Because they take years to conduct; cost millions; and their results need to be reported, whether positive or negative.


Send us an email and we will tell you all about the courageous methodology we designed, which successfully replaced the need for a clinical trial.

Also find out more about our courageous workshops, where we come to you in person and show you why being courageous researchers is so important.  

We have global recruitment and fieldwork capabilities.
We moderate in the five main EU languages in-house.
We work with a network of tried and tested moderators, facilities and translators.
We don’t just do research, we help you implement your strategy.
We provide 21st century deliverables.
We manage your projects personally.

We don't have an expensive board of directors.
We don't have the overheads of a fancy office.
We don't have junior project managers and sales people passing your issues around. 
We don't sell packaged research products at a premium price.



It’s simple. We sell brainpower. If we weren’t good at the quirky thinking that’s required in qualitative research, we’d be out of business. That takes care of the brainy part.



We are small, agile and proud. We take personal care of you and your project. We don’t churn things out. We take the time to think. We grow organically.




To start with, cheeky just means a bit more fun than usual. We believe we only have one life to live and we just want to enjoy everything we do. Enjoying what we do means genuine job satisfaction, team spirit and a sense of light-heartedness that you rarely experience in the workplace. This also drives excellent results for your projects.



Our promise to you: No death by powerpoint. We always keep a story in mind with the intention to entertain and create a spark in our audience. We connect the dots in an exciting, interactive and friendly way that takes you and your stakeholders on a journey. We don’t give you slides; we give you a narrative.



Qualitative research
is a personal matter

We’ve found that most clients are interested in buying the right research professional rather than buying a big company name. You want to work with people you can trust, who will never let you down, who will always be available for you and make you look good. Our client is a human being, and that’s you; not some abstract corporation. We are not researcher droids, we are your researcher friends!



We are brainy with a heart. We think passion is what you feel for and about people. And if that doesn’t drive your passion for the work you do, we reckon nothing will. So, whilst we are cerebral, we are also emotional. This is what also makes us some of the most sensitive qualitative research instruments in town.


We’re pleased to say we’ve got many stars to show you.
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