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Well, we did experiment with various lofty titles, such as ‘founding partner’and ‘managing director’, but being such a compact partnership as well as an informal culture, we felt titles like Captain, Commander and Skipper better reflected the nature of the ship we are sailing. Ultimately, every single one of us is the highest ranking officer on board - we don’t do hierarchy. Yep, it’s on our business cards too.



Bors Hulesch

I'm a social scientist, a change management consultant, a climate hawk on a mission, and a dad of three raucous boys. I enjoy explosive activity, whether at work or in sports. The most challenging aspect of my job is to sit still and be quiet. I have been a researcher since 1997 and some have called me a qualitative maestro. Understanding the inner workings of people is what I enjoy the most.

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Mauro Morando

I would like to think I am an enthusiastic communicator who likes to wear his heart on his sleeves. Spontaneous yet cerebral, I enjoy experiencing my feelings wholeheartedly and like to engage into deeper conversations about people’s behaviours and life in general. Looking back on my 15 years of pure qualitative research experience, I can clearly see how this has been key in driving my natural interest to the job.

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Laura McDonald

I like nothing better than shutting my case, grabbing my passport and jumping on a plane. Whilst studying, I would talk tirelessly about exploring new Cities and Countries, so it was inevitable that travel would play a large part in my career and I never take that for granted. 

Cat Gibb

I am active, adventurous nature-lover who enjoys exploring the natural and cultural world with her family, including one very cheeky little girl. I am a former nurse who took "the scenic route” via literature and languages to arrive in market research. She now has 10 years’ experience in qualitative research. I am a keen and caring observer of life and people who brings her inquisitive and determined nature to her clients’ business questions.

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Dan Amarasinghe

I like to think of myself as a creative yet pragmatic thinker, which I put down to my training as an anthropologist – examining and understanding abstract concepts like cultural myths, while at the same time piecing together scientific facts within human biology and ecology. Unfortunately for those around me though, this means that even in my personal life I’m incessantly asking questions and constantly seeking the elusive 360º perspective.


Jen Hatt

I have an inquisitive mind and have been told I am indefatigable! I’m also pretty unflappable (thanks to my Northern roots). I came to MR and advertising just under a decade ago, via degrees in psychology and anthropology. As well as being a happy partner in Brains and Cheek for the last 5 years I’m also a psychotherapist in training. People are endlessly fascinating to me and I can’t get enough of trying to work them out.


Niclas Holme

I combine German pragmatism with British imagination. Originally from Germany I left to go to University in Nottingham. I have since lived in various parts of the UK, but  still maintaining my close ties to Germany. When not working I spend time with my lovely wife Christina either in my home in Surrey cooking or flying to the south coast and beyond.


Sian Lewis
First Officer

Being half Welsh, half ‘Geordie’ I like nothing more than getting out of the big city and back into nature. And like any self-respecting Northerner, I love a good ‘natter’ (translation: talking). This makes me well suited to being a qually researcher, because I’m ultimately interested in people’s stories – I’m not much for small talk, I much prefer the bigger conversations.


Sonia Cespon

I like to think of myself as warm, conscientious and hard-working and somewhat of a perfectionist, very much like the rest of the team. With over 15 years of field expertise as Project Manager and Research Assistant, there isn’t a thing I haven’t seen about agency life. I have a thorough understanding of internal operations such as field, data analysis and data processing, and I’m known for my ability to singlehandedly juggle multi-country studies without dropping any balls.

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