Ultimately, if you are going to interview people, what you really need to be able to do is listen hard.


That might sound simple, but it isn’t all that easy, which is why we’ve spent our best university years learning how to do it, and the rest of our working lives to perfect it. Most healthcare researchers we’ve met were either science graduates, linguists or economists. In other words, they were good at understanding either your product, your brand language or your business, but had to pick up their people skills as they went along.

We did it the other way around. We are people experts who’ve picked up marketing and business skills over the years. And, as social scientists, we are still focused on the people, because they are what we get excited about. Sure, we will engage with your business issue, but we’re ever more interested in helping you to engage with the people who represent your customers.

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You are probably used to being pitched countless fancy qualitative models, tools, packages and branded methodologies. We urge you to beware.


More often than not, these are just sales aids designed to divert your attention from the fact that qualitative research is about talking to people. That is what we have been doing for as long as we can remember and we do it very well. We have been formally trained to interview people and interpret their attitudes and behaviours.

If there is a respondent population you are interested in, we’ve almost certainly spoken to them. Likewise, if you are keen on any qual methodology or projective technique, we’ve almost certainly used it. All right, if you insist, click here for a comprehensive list of the methods we’ve used in the past.


You’ll want to know which therapy areas we’ve worked on and you are absolutely right. So, here it is, just for peace of mind.


Auto-immune diseases
Aesthetic medicine
OTC products

Infectious diseases
Cardiovascular diseases
Central nervous system
Orphan and rare diseases
Medical devices
Pain management


We go beyond market research.
These are the kind of things we do these days.

Ground-breaking market understanding
Internal stakeholders’ reviews
Emotional insights
Patient journey
Brand and Communication research
Co-creation workshops
Ad boards
Digital strategy
Change management programs


Here are the methods we have
mastered in the past decade or so.


In-depth interviews
Telephone interviews
Focus groups
Stakeholder interviews
KOL interviews
Friendship groups
Family groups
Conflict groups
Creative groups

Ethnographic interviews
Open Space workshops
Narrative research
Mock consultations
Mock MDTs
Physician-observed patient groups
Case histories
Guerilla research
Desk research
Online qualitative methods
Online forums and message boards
Mobile-enabled real-time research

The 21st century research is about new ways of engaging with your target audience, about generating excitement around the research results and about making your life easier.

We are experts in all of this. Is your team hungry for debriefs that supersede the inevitable ‘death by powerpoint’? Are you prepared to try generating insights using online and mobile methodologies wherever appropriate? Are you ready to experience cloud-based, on demand project management? If you’re thinking yes for any of the above, see below to find out about our state-of-the-art solutions that will make you look great.

  • Dedicated B&C client app

  • Animated video summaries

  • Broadcast quality video deliverables

  • Interactive debriefs

  • Infographics

  • Screencast presentations

  • Cloud-based

  • On demand project management

  • Instapoll

  • Quikflik


We believe that anything worth doing is worth doing exceptionally well.

We value our time very highly - after all, it’s our only life. So the last thing we want to do is to waste it. Therefore, when we work with you, rest assured that we will spend our time in the best possible way.


Yep, got those. Memberships are pretty important in looking the part, right? So there, we’re members, just like you’d expect. But we firmly disbelieve that membership actually makes you a better person, or a better researcher.

Nevertheless, when it comes to compliance, we are the highest-ranking officers. We have our own Head of Enforcement who keeps us all in check. We take our client obligations and respondent rights extremely seriously, complying with ethical and legal guidelines, codes of conduct and adverse event reporting. And if you are wondering, we are GDPR ready.

These are the professional
bodies we belong to:

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We are firmly on the green bandwagon, 
we have been Climate Neutral since day one. We support climate charities that have a bearing on healthcare; and we do all we can to reduce our own emissions too.


We offset all of our carbon emissions via MyClimate, a Swiss climate charity working with developing countries to install carbon-saving solutions. Specifically, we offset all our journeys (cars, taxis, trains, flights), all our office emissions, as well as those of our homes (heating and electricity) and overnight stays (hotels). We even offset some things we don’t need to, e.g. electricity generated by renewable resources and travel done by cars with no carbon emissions (electric ones).

The carbon offsetting scheme offered by MyClimate is sustainable and ethical. For example, our money goes towards replacing coal burning stoves in Sub-Saharan Africa for solar-powered stoves. They have a lot of sunshine down there, so they may as well use it!

We also invest in micro-hydroelectric dams along the Amazon river basin, which replace diesel generators in remote areas where the electric grid doesn’t reach. Such dams have the capability to provide continuous, free and environmentally friendly energy to small communities along the rivers contributing to the Amazon. We have been certified Climate Neutral since 2011 and we’re proud of it.